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The BAIR technique

by Prof. Luca Giachetti

It improves the shape and harmony of the smile without complex procedures, in just one session

In one session

Thanks to the BAIR technique, it is possible to rebalance the size and shape of the teeth and gums to improve the aesthetics of the smile in just one session.

Without incisions

The minimal invasiveness of the BAIR Technique allows us to intervene without incisions or stitches, without the need to reduce the teeth and in some cases even without anesthesia.

For all ages

The BAIR Technique can be applied to all ages to solve complex situations without resorting, in selected cases, to orthodontics, surgery or prostheses.

Do you want to improve your smile…

Rebalancing shape, size and space between the teeth?

To improve the aesthetics of the smile it is necessary to work on the shape, colour, spaces and alignment of the teeth and gingival parables.

Until now, to correct these defects it was necessary to resort to surgery, orthodontic treatments or the installation of prostheses.

Today it is possible to solve these problems in a minimally invasive way and in a single appointment, avoiding long treatments and annoying post-operative problems.

The BAIR Technique

To improve your smile in a single appointment

Professor Luca Giachetti, MD specialized in Odontostomatology and University Professor, has invented the BAIR Technique which, through minimally invasive restorations able to interact with the gingival tissues, allows us to improve your smile in a single appointment.

The BAIR Technique allows us to rebalance the shape and size of the teeth whilst at the same time creating a new design of the gingival parables, to obtain a more beautiful and natural smile.

BAIR restorations are possible for all ages and are long-lasting. In this way you avoid much longer, annoying and expensive treatments.

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What is the BAIR Technique by Prof. Luca Giachetti?

Biologically Active Intrasulcular Restoration

The BAIR Technique is a restoration technique that allows you to improve and harmonize the smile in a single appointment during which we will focus on all of the different aspects: shape, size, color of the teeth and their relationship with the gingival tissues.

In particular, the BAIR Technique is aimed at patients who need:

  • Reconstruction of worn teeth
  • Reduction of the spaces between the teeth (diastemas)
  • Aesthetic correction of dental malformations
  • Alignment of the gingival parables
  • Correction of the shape and color of the teeth

Why choose the BAIR Technique?

The BAIR Technique guarantees a harmonious smile in every aspect in a single appointment, without pain, without incisions or stitches.

  • Use of the best certified materials
  • Reduced invasiveness, thanks to the technique that preserves the enamel and the gingival tissue.
  •  Painless and without incisions.

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The BAIR Technique

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It improves the shape and harmony of the smile without complex procedures,  in just one session