The BAIR technique 

by Prof. Luca Giachetti
To improve the shape and size of the teeth, gingival levels and contour in a single session

Without resorting to prostheses, surgery or orthodontics

Biologically Active Intrasulcular Restoration (BAIR)

A monodisciplinary approach

The BAIR Technique was applied for the first time in 2010, as proposed by Prof. Giachetti for the treatment of complex cases of restoration for aesthetic purposes in post-orthodontic patients, with severe malformations or dento-maxillary disharmonies.

The technique, perfected over the years, improves the shape and size of the teeth, gingival levels and contours, allowing the lenghtening of the clinical crown and the management of soft tissue volumes, all with simple direct restorations in a single session.

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Prof. Luca Giachetti


Prof. Luca Giachetti, MD specialized in Odontostomatology at the University of Florence, Master of Science in “Dental Materials and their Clinical Applications” and PhD in “Biotechnologies” at the University of Siena. Since 1984 he has been a member of the General Medical and Dental Council, and practices dentistry at the Careggi University Hospital and the Recrea Dental Clinic in Florence.

Alongside his clinical activity, he works as Associate Professor at the University of Florence and at prestigious universities abroad. He has over 100 publications in national and international scientific journals, manuals and books.

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Fields of application


When the teeth have an abnormal shape (such as peg-shaped or other malformations) or when they are not in proportion to each other, it is possible to apply the BAIR Technique to correct the shape, size and relationship with the soft tissues.

  •  Peg- teeth
  • Volume anomalies
  • Form anomalies

Post-orthodontic aesthetic finalization

After orthodontic treatment, it is possible to apply the BAIR Technique to correct any small remaining imperfections (non-optimal tilt and torque), to stabilize the position of the dental elements (closure of diastemas) or to improve the final aesthetic result.

  •  Closure of diastemas
  • Harmonization of dental volumes
  • Aesthetic alignment of dental axes


It is possible to apply the BAIR Technique to completely transform the appearance of a tooth. We can manage the gingival parables and the position of the gingival zenith, and make it possible to transform a lateral incisor into a central incisor or canines and premolars into incisors. This type of transformation is particularly useful in case of agenesis, that is when some teeth are not present in the arch.

  • Agenesis
  •  Transpositions

Reconstruction of anterior worn teeth

When the incisors progressively shorten, the aesthetics of the smile is heavily compromised. At a certain point the upper teeth become completely hidden by the lip and smiling is, paradoxically, a concern.

The most frequent reason for this situation is the continuous friction between the teeth of the opposing arches and in these cases a multidisciplinary orthodontic, surgical and prosthetic therapy would be required to obtain a stable aesthetic result. With the BAIR Technique we can change the inclination of the dental axis and obtain an elongation of the clinical crown both in the apical and incisal directions, immediately verifying the effects of the protrusive and laterality movements with the best articulator available … the patient’s mouth.

  • Worn teeth

Smile rejuvenation

Over time, teeth and gums may show signs of “aging”: part of the roots are discovered, the papillae do not completely fill the space between the teeth, the colour loses its brightness and becomes more gray or yellow.

In many cases, by making a more apical emergence profile, changing the shape and making a new surface, it is possible to regain a younger smile in a single appointment without reducing teeth or cutting gums.

  • Smile rejuvenation

Correct defects to obtain a more harmonious smile

Over time, spaces between the teeth may appear, worsening the aesthetics of the smile; the continuity of the whiteness of the teeth is interrupted and the smile is marked by black spaces…

At other times a tooth may be longer than the contralateral counterpart or the design of the gingival parables is not balanced and harmonious.

To regain a more pleasant smile it is possible to resort to a quick and painless procedure that will restore harmony and your desire to smile.

  • Gaps between the teeth
  •  Teeth of different lengths
  • Gingival smile

Improve the aesthetics of your smile in one session

Thanks to the BAIR Technique invented by Prof. Luca Giachetti

Thanks to the BAIR Technique (Biologically Active Intrasulcular Restoration), you can improve the color and shape of your smile.

This technique was developed to rejuvenate the smile in a single appointment: correct defects in the shape and structure of natural teeth, close excessive spaces, change the color and rebalance the size of the teeth.

All without resorting to prostheses, surgery or orthodontics, without any reduction of the dental tissues, most of the time even without anesthesia, with lower costs both in biological and economic terms.

The treatment is minimally invasive, applicable to all ages and the results are obtained in a single appointment.

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Clinical cases

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The BAIR Technique

del Prof. Luca Giachetti
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